Compelling media, when used effectively, has the potential to open minds, empower the marginalized, drive awareness, and inspire purposeful action. With a photojournalism background and solo-documentary approach, I focus on creating well-crafted and engaging stories that support positive social and environmental change. Keeping production costs down is my priority so I can pass affordability onto you. Your stories can impact the world! See how I might be able to help!

  • Video

    Videos can be an effective way to create impact, increase transparency, raise awareness, and encourage action. I specialize in short 1-5 minute documentary videos that can be utilized in advocacy, educational, Internet and strategic social change campaigns.

  • Participatory Video

    Participatory video helps to empower the marginalized by giving them the tools to tell their own stories. The process can be transformative and applied to therapeutic, advocacy and community-building initiatives. I teach workshops that put the power of creating stories into the hands of those whose voices need to be heard.

  • Creating Social Impact

    Creating communication strategies so the media works for you is essential when trying to raise awareness, gain support or generate change. With each project I help you create a plan to maximize the use of your media content.

  • Photography

    Photography is a useful tool to connect, engage and inspire. I share your message with a single image, a photo story or combine photographs with audio and video.

  • Multi-media

    Producing a variety of media is important when thinking about how to disseminate your message to greater audiences. The more media products you have, the more platforms you can utilize. Therefore, within one project, I could be shooting a short video, making photographs while also blogging from the field.

  • Travel-sharing

    International projects are often expensive but I offer an alternative. To keep costs down, different organizations who all work in the same area can join a travel-sharing group. During one production trip, I create quality media for each member of the group while they split the travel costs, making production more affordable for everyone.

International Travel Experience

This map displays the places I have lived, worked and traveled. I am comfortable working in any environment, particularly the global south and in remote or rural communities. Click on the map to interact.

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